Picture of Suzanne MacCrone Rogers

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers received her training in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. While an undergraduate in the department of architecture at Cal, Suzanne enhanced her studies further and enrolled in art history and architecture classes in Florence, Italy, with the University of Michigan and Sarah Lawrence College.  After graduating from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in architecture, Suzanne worked in the landscape architecture field and continued with graduate studies in architecture, interior design, and art history with the University of Georgia in Cortona, Italy.

As a graduate assistant in the art department at UGA Suzanne taught furniture design, color and materials, and architectural graphics.  Special studies in her program included fabric and furniture design; papermaking and bookbinding; and the history of Twentieth Century photography.  During this time she began a wholesale art and hand painted home décor business selling her art, photography, and hand painted furnishings to national retailers and small businesses, state botanical gardens, corporations, hotels, museums and galleries, universities, medical centers, and designers throughout the United States and internationally.  She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Master of Fine Arts degree in interior design.

Suzanne's art, photography, and designs have been licensed on a wide range of products including home goods and linens, dinnerware, fine art prints, giftware, and stationery.  Her work and writing is published regularly in national and international magazines and books.

It is Suzanne's experience in all these fields of design and the arts that gives her the foundation to create a beautiful space, photograph, illustration, or product for your unique requirements.